Manufactured Products

We build and innovate! We deliver our customers exceptional guns with the ease of use and comfortably handled by firearms enthusiasts.

We provide a wide variety of options to our customers. From Gunsmithing to Custom Gun Works, we also manufacture our own guns. Having the most complete tools, being the first in Davao to have a brand new latest CNC machine and having a well trained and trusted machinists, we give importance the quality of work, attention to the smallest detail and the quality of components being used to innovate an exceptional guns.

A combination of exquisite, modern and original design is what we always wanted to achieve. With a consideration and focus on your needs, CPR Gun Technology is not just simply as distributing firearms in this industry, our guns is built with passion and engineered in advance. From its steel outline, to its straight-pull trigger, to its striker-shot structure our manufactured guns will be easily handled and used by firearms enthusiasts.

As firearms industry is rapidly evolving, we, at CPR Gun Technology, see opportunity in the future, a chance to innovate and improve while in our process of building firearms. Every piece of detail and each element is intentionally manufactured to produce and deliver practical guns yet the design is absolutely advanced.

We are offering a variety of repair and maintenance services.
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